Auditions for “STAR SPANGLED GIRL”:

By Neil Simon
Directed by Pam Amodio

PERFORMANCE DATES: SEPTEMBER 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 and OCTOBER 4, 5

SUNDAY, JULY 28 and MONDAY, JULY 29 at 7:00pm
**No appointment necessary – please arrive promptly at 7pm**

SYNOPSIS: Set in San Francisco in the 1960s, the play is the story of a love triangle mixed with politics.  Andy and Norman are radical liberals struggling to make a living working on their magazine, “Fallout,” which is dedicated to fighting “the system” in America.  Sophie, a former Olympic swimmer, is an all-American, Southern girl who moves into the apartment next door.  Norman immediately falls in love with Sophie but his feeling are not reciprocated.  Norman’s obsession with Sophie makes Andy hire her just to keep the magazine going.  When Sophie falls in love with Andy, the magazine and the men’s friendship are threatened.


ANDY – Andy is between 25-30 but has the worried look of a man twice his age.  Andy is a dedicated, idealistic cynic charged with the energy of an angry generation.

NORMAN – Norman is about the same age as Andy.  Although he is the “brain”  – the intellect behind “Fallout,” when he is away from the typewriter he is an incorrigible adolescent.

SOPHIE – Same age range.  Sophie is the prototype of the all-American girl.  An Olympic swimmer, she is more physical than cerebral.  What she can’t do with an intellectual problem she more than makes up for with her backstroke.  Her Southern drawl doesn’t add to her image as an intellect either.  If that doesn’t win you over –  her charm, charisma, and adorability will.

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